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0 Living Room Decorating Ideas

Get The Best Ideas for Living Room Decorating

living room decorating ideas
One of creative ideas can be applied for living room decorating ideas  is a floor with striped motifs
For living room decorating ideas, you can apply a unique and creative ideas. As an option, you can use a surfboard as a table in the living room or install a canoe on the ceiling. Regarding items to be used, you are free to choose and adapted to the conditions and the area of ​​the room.

As the creative inspiration, you can see the unique decor and wild the following, as quoted by House Beautiful, Saturday (06/09/2012).

1. Surfboard Table in Living Rooms

surfboard table in living rooms
Surfboard Table
Surfboard table which functioned as a table in the living room to use a beach house in Cape Cod, United States. You can use a surfboard or water skis. Indeed, the sled is used as a table gives a feel relaxed in the room. "Every room should have something that makes you smile," advises interior designer Annie Selke.

2. Hanging Rattan Chair

Hanging Rattan Chair
Hanging Rattan Chair
Rattan chair hanging from the room gives the impression of a chic and lightweight. You can install this seat in the sun room in the morning and facing the garden. In this chair, you can relax while enjoying the green plants.

3. Tree Painting to Decorate the Ceiling

trees painting
Trees Painting on Ceiling
With this living room decorating ideas can make you and your family feel fresh everyday, seasonal room decorating with flower, trees, green house plants, flower wallpapers, flower painting and floral fabrics adds natural accents and bright spring colors to modern homes, making them feel joyful and pleasant.

4. Reversed Mirror

Reversed Mirror

If the walls in your bathroom is limited, you might consider a mirror reverse. It is used a house in Malibu. Circular mirror designer Lawrence Rizkowsky is mounted upside down, where the foot of a mirror attached to the ceiling.

5. The handle of the stair by rope

The handle of the stair by rope

You can use a rope with a large size (rope) as handrails. Because of its function to the beauty of interior design, you should apply this idea to the steps that both sides covered the walls. Designer Thom Filicia is the creator of modern and classic interior design for Visions Designer showhouse.

6. Wood floor with a pattern of stripes

Wood floor with a pattern of stripes

To add visual interest in the living room, architect Bill Ingram paint stripes with varying thickness on the wooden floor of his house. "It makes me excited," he explained.

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