Friday, July 12, 2013

0 17 Biggest Home Decorating Mistakes


Most people have great home decorating ideas which they have picked up from books, magazines, looking at model homes, or as they see places in their daily routine. There are so many decorating choices to make, and each choice affects the other. You need to choose paint, think about whether to use wallpaper, decide on furniture, pick out the right accents, choose flooring, decide on window treatment styles, consider lighting, and so on. Therefore, you need to plan on all the best way you can so that you can enjoy the process of pulling the project together and not see it as a horrible experience.
The most important thing to remember when getting ready to tackle a home design project is not to get ahead of yourself. You need to create a plan that puts things in order. This will help you save money and time, and you will actualize your goal much quicker and easier. If you want to decorate your room or home with success, you need to avoid the following things that are sure-fire methods leading to disaster:
* Do not plan - simply buy furniture, window treatments, and accessories and figure them out as you go along.

* Do not really think about how the room will be used or what the needs are for the space.
* Choose a paint color before you think things through not having decided whether it will really work with the color scheme.
* Paint your walls white or light beige thinking that it is a "safe" color to decorate around and then wonder why the room looks bland.
* Don't take the time to measure the room - after all you have a great eye for detail and you know that your estimate will work just fine.
* Forget about swatches and figure that you can remember the pattern or color you are trying to match.

* Forget about color schemes altogether and just figure all will work.
* Don't even consider if all the patterns you are looking at are really a good mix or work with one another.
* Don't even think about how the furniture will be need to be arranged...after all it should all fit in there somehow and you can certainly use it!
*Choose lamps you find on sale and figure you will make them matter if they may be the wrong size or proportion. They are a great deal!
* Use the wrong type of lighting that makes the room too dark or too bright.
* Match everything too much and the room feels too contrived.
* Hang pictures on the wall - anywhere and everywhere to fill up the space.
* Don't replace dead or half dead plants.
* Try to cram all of your furniture and accents into the room so it will feel full.
* Decorate around items that you don't love, but feel that you must keep them for some reason.
*Forget about following the principles of good design and just "go with the flow".
If you want a room that looks planned and professional, you need to organize your thoughts. You need to understand how the furniture will relate to one another, what the right fabrics are for the style that you choose, and whether it is the correct fabric for that particular room. Also, you need to understand color palettes, how fabrics work with or against each other, and how the scale of fabric patterns work together. Displaying collectibles, balancing artwork, and the scale of accessories and furniture, etc, are crucial as to whether the room looks pulled together or not. Take your time to plan your home decorating project, research for answers to questions you may have, you will enjoy it while not feeling overwhelmed, and the results will be stunning.


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