Thursday, July 11, 2013

0 A New Look With Simple Trimmings for Home Decoration


Getting tired of the same old look? Some simple finishing and decorating can give your clothes, rooms or other home sewing projects that fresh new look.
Trimmings in contrasting colors work well, particularly with accessories in the same color. In the home these accessories may be some candles in the same color as the new finishing and decorating touches used on cushions or a table runner. A hair ribbon in the same color as the trimmings on kids' clothes may do the trick.
Important things to remember when using trimmings:
* Choose trimmings that suit the fabric, the piece of clothing or home decorating piece.
* Choose trimmings that create the look you have in mind, whether you a romantic, playful or modern look
* Too much decoration if often in poor taste.
Some great finishing and decorating ideas to get you started.
Top stitching
Top stitch a finished edge by machine, in contrasting thread if desired. Hand done saddle stitching or other decorative stitching may be used, particularly on heavier fabric and on sports clothing.
* Bands are applied as trims - often in the reverse manner to facings - that are turned to the outside. Bands may be ribbon or self-fabric; flat, gathered, pleated or tucked. For professional results, use the machine edge stitcher or zigzag stitch. Miter corners. Bands are often used to give garments or any other item for that matter a new look or repair a worn edge.
* Double band: Make two bands, stitch all around on three sides, right sides together, trim seams, turn and finish fourth side by hand, turning in raw edges. Used for ties at the front edge of a garment or for bows and other neckline decorative finishes.
* Bands are sometimes buttoned to garments for detachable trim. Make buttonholes in band, and sew buttons onto garment.
Lace trimmings
* Lace trimmings give such a beautiful, delicate and romantic look to pillows, bedroom accessories, garments, children's clothing, etc. A simple lace trimming can create a whole new look.
* To gather lace, pull thread at the straight edge to desired fullness, or whip stitch over edge, pulling up thread every few stitches to gather. Usually twice as much lace as the space to which it is to be applied is used.
* To make a lace insertion, baste lace onto right side. Use a satin stitch or fine running stitch at joining. Cut away fabric underneath, and hand roll raw edges, catching in lace. Or, appliqué with zigzag stitching, the machine zigzagger, hemming. Overhanging, or blanket stitching. To put a lace insertion in lace fabric, overcast or zigzag stitch.
Wind yarn around cardboard about half as wide as the finished pom pom is to be. Make yarn thickness about as wide as the cardboard is. Pull out cardboard. Tie through center. Cut both ends. Trim to a round ball.
Enjoy your whole new look with trimmings. There are really no limitations to your finishing and decorating clothing and other home sewing projects. Let your creative juices flow and the sky is the limit.


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